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KOBI GEAR™ “Laughter in Every Cup!”
Our Story...

Hi there allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Jennifer (Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, Loving life while eating the Cake and having a glass jack of all trades kind of a women!) followed by Stevin (Hardworking Husband, Dad, Electrical Contractor who loves his family, sports and fishing!) along with our two daughters Lauren (Lover of Owls) and Juliana AKA Jules (Artistically Inclined and makes a mess while doing it) and our newest addition Maya (loving, full of energy German Shepherd puppy)! We are better known as “The DeAngelis Family” and we are the founders of “KOBI GEAR™”!

Why KOBI GEAR™? It all came about in April 2018 when we lost our late German Shepherd dog Kobi who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Kobi was 11 years old and this came as a complete shock to our family as there were no signs or symptoms that would lead us to believe anything was wrong. Meanwhile during all of this our family was in the middle of relocating from Connecticut to Florida and it was making our move that much harder. How we found out about the Lymphoma was one Friday in April, Kobi came up to me as usual to get his daily dose of loves and while I was petting him I felt two HUGE lumps the size of softballs under his neck! Panic mode set in, I started crying called my husband and told him to get home right away. We called our veterinarian and advised him of what he found and in short it was too late for Kobi. We were heart broken. The next part was hard....

You see Kobi wasn’t fond of too many people. He absolutely loved his family but didn’t take too much to outsiders except for two other family members. That was my mother and our cousin Louie. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but then it hit me, they both were diagnosed with cancer. My mother was diagnosed with Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma 6 years ago (still fighting) and our cousin was diagnosed with Colon Cancer (fought it and recovered). My mother and Kobi had this special bond, she loved him to pieces, so you can only imagine how she felt when I called her to break the news about Kobi!

After Kobi’s sudden passing and my mother continuing her fight with Lymphoma I was determined to do something, wasn’t sure what it was going to be but I knew it was something. Once we settled in our new home in Florida we were at the pool one day and as I was looking up at the sky admiring the big white puffy clouds I just happen to see a cloud shaped into a dog lying down. Call it coincidence call it anything you want, but it was at that exact moment I said KOBI GEAR™! My husband was in the pool and said, What are you talking about? I said KOBI GEAR™, helping people and their pets with cancer in honor of Kobi and my mom. He looked at me like I was a little crazy, but I said trust me this was meant to be.

After much thought and planning I decided that KOBI GEAR™ would bring “Laughter in Every Cup!”. I will have the brand logo designed on behalf of our late Kobi and will sell merchandise with the brand logo on it with a portion of each sale to be donated to a charity. Due to loosing my Kobi to Canine Cancer it was decided that the  charitable organization be the National Canine Cancer Foundation . So I set out to find a Graphic Design Company to create my logo. After much research I found This Creative (https://www.this-creative.com) located in Fort Myers, Florida and I am happy I did. Winston the designer did a fantastic job at creating my brand. When I saw it I cried as it was my Kobi! I can’t thank them enough for what they did. They come highly recommended and I get no special discounts for the mention.

Now that we have the finished brand logo for KOBI GEAR™ we are on a mission. We are going to bring “Laughter in Every Cup!” and with your help we will raise not only awareness of Canine Cancer but we will raise one million dollars to be donated to The Canine Cancer Foundation to continue their research and keep trying find cures for this tiring disease.

So let’s start with you! There are approximately 7.442 billion people in the world and we only need to reach one million. Help us help you and your pets currently fighting, recovering or lost the fight of cancer. Remember IMPOSSIBLE if looked at correctly states “I’m Possible” and we know KOBI GEAR™ is possible of reaching our goal with your help.

Much Love and Gratitude!

Jennifer DeAngelis, founder of KOBI GEAR™ “Laughter in Every Cup!”